How to print w2 in Quickbooks?

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In Quickbooks, w2 forms are a way to record or track money that we paid to the employee, or this form is used for filing the general information. If you want to know what is w2 form or How to print W2 in Quickbooks accounting software, then read the complete post by reading this post you can easily understand the w2 form printing process. In this post, we discussed why you need w2 in Quickbooks

Requirements Need to Print w2 in Quickbooks

Before printing w2 forms , there are some requirements that will help you to print w2 forms and make it easy to arrange all the requirements that you need

  • Make sure you must first see whether the paper is good for printing or not.
  • You don’t need special ink. You can use anti glare Black ink for printing.
  • Printers should be amicable with your computer system.
  • You must Keep your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription active for print.

You will need all these requirements for print, if your requirements are already arranged, then you can follow the steps of how to print W2 forms in QuickBooks.

How to print w2 in Quickbooks?

Steps To Print W2 Forms In QuickBooks:

Here are some steps of printing according to the payroll service, you have to select the paper to start the procedure first that you want,

  • You will have the option of tax by opening the QuickBooks , you have to click on the payroll.
  • After that , you will see the forms section on which you will click on the’ Annual Forms ‘ link.
  • You  will see the create  form option and open the file form.
  • After this , you have to enter the year in the ‘year’ section and then ok.
  • Then it will take you by the Employee print copies , but you will have to choose  a relevant time period and choose the employee option and select the employee’s last name.
  • Click on the ‘view option ‘ to open ‘Adobe reader’.and you will see the edit option to make a change in your file.
  • You will get the submit option. Click  on it.
  • You will get a print icon from the Reader Toolbar and click on it.
  • After all this , you have  followed all the instructions while printing .

By carefully reading this or following step by step process you will understand how to print w2 forms in QuickBooks, but after these steps, if you are not able to print w2 form in Quickbooks then I recommend you must contact Quickbooks Proadvisor and for any suggestions or advice leave a comment.

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