How to fix Quicken Error cc-800?

How To Fix Quicken Error cc-800?

December 17, 2022

While working on Quicken software some issues arise that need to be fixed as fast as possible. IF while working with Quicken accounting software if you get Quicken error cc-800 that means you are trying to restore the Quicken backup file after deactivating or deleting the account. If you get Quicken error cc-800 or want to fix this error then read this complete post by reading this post you can easily resolve and fix and understand what causes error cc-800.

Causes Of Quicken cc-800 Error

Before resolving Quicken Error code cc-800 we need to understand why we get this error or what causes error cc-800. If you want to know the causes behind this error then read this complete post, by reading this post you can understand why you get this error or what causes quicken error cc-800.

  • Your software is not installed properly . 
  • You have downloaded corrupted quicken 
  • Virus came into your system.
  • Problem with software registry files.
  • System is not updated. Using an older version.
  • By mistake, someone deleted some important files.

4 Solution of Quicken error cc-800

You can fix the cc-800 error in 4 methods, all these methods are easy to understand and easy to implement, but before resolving we need to do a few things, bellow we discussed a few things that you need to do before resolving.

  1. You have to take the backup of the data.
  2. You have to turn off the automatic add transaction option.

After doing these try bellow discussed 4 methods of solution, with these methods you can easily fix this error.

Method 1:update your quicken 

  • Open your quicken window
  • Goto help button  
  • Then check for updates
  • After that install all the updates and click on the launch button. So that everything will be installed and updated.

Method 2: Delete the problematic account

  • Open you quicken window
  • You have to goto tools which are there on the menu bar . 
  • Select account list option
  • After that list will appear . from that list select that account which is having an error and edit it.
  • Now select the online services tab.
  • Then click on the deactivate button .
  • Then confirm your action by selecting  the yes button.
  • At last click on the done button when you performed all these steps.

Method 3: Refresh the quicken files

  • Open your quicken window
  • Then goto file menu which is there on the menu bar 
  • From the file menu select file operation and then select validate and repair.
  • After that select validate file  option from validate and repair window 
  • Then select the ok button.
  • At last close the quicken window and again reopen the quicken window.

Method 4: Retrieve the same deleted account.

  • Open the quicken window
  • Then click on tool from the menu bar and then click on the add account
  • From the add account window select the type of account you’re looking for .
  • After selecting type click on the advanced setup which is there on the left bottom of the window.
  • Now enter  bank details  .
  • Then click on the next button to move forward
  • Now click on onlines services option and set up the connection as required.
  • After setting up the bank will ask for username and password. Enter the username and password 
  • Now click on the connect button. 
  • Quicken will start searching for your account
  • Once quicken finds it then it will list your account and your can retrieve your account
  • Now link the account with the existing account  in the quicken
  • Now confirm your steps by clicking on the finish button

After following these steps if you still face an error then contact your bank. There must be chances of the bank doing some updates or some server error. Contact your bank about your issue and they will definitely help you.


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