How to set up subcontractors in Quickbooks

How to set up subcontractors in quickbooks

December 17, 2022

Thousands of small businesses use quickbooks for the management of a business and today we are going to discuss How to set up subcontractors in quickbooks. Moreover, in case you hire a subcontractor for your client’s work. Then you can manage payroll for your organization’s employees, as well as save the tax-related information for each fiscal year. Due to independent contractors submit 1099-Misc tax forms and do not require you to withhold any taxes on their behalf, you can pay independent contractors in quickbooks just like any other vendor. Moreover, Let’s get a brief knowledge and step of How to set up subcontractors in quickbooks and things to keep in the mind:

Things to keep in the mind :

  1. quickbooks is utilized to monitor all expenses and create complex installment applications like Thing Evaluations versus Actuals, Occupation Benefit Outline, and Occupation Productivity Detail Reports to follow progress, so the quickbooks arrangement measure is basic and ought to be taken care of by a quickbooks master in development bookkeeping
  2. quickbooks set up for your Subcontractor organization implies you will have the right blend of Immediate, Roundabout, Pinions, and a couple of WIP accounts
  3. You will have a straightforward method to follow and get paid for maintenance remembered for the arrangement quickbooks measure.

Process To Add Contractors or Subcontractors

Follow these procedures for further:

The contractor should be added :

  1. Choose Sales on the left corner
  2. Then Select the Client 
  3. After this, in the User Name panel, enter the client information
  4. Choose CIS contractor
  5. Now, in the CIS Information tab, enter some more details
  6. Press Save
  7. The contractor’s name will now show in the list of customers

The subcontractor should be added:

  1. Choose from the left menu bar, choose Expenses
  2. Then, Select Supplier
  3. In the Supplier data panel, enter the contractor’s credentials
  4. Choose CIS Subcontractor
  5. Then, enter the information of CIS
  6. When you authenticate your subcontract, HMRC will provide you with all of the details you want, especially their CIS rate
  7. Now Select Save Option
  8. Now is the time for the supplier list to appear


To summarise, Learn how to set up subcontractors in quickbooks and what to keep in mind in a concise and precise manner. Furthermore, read each and every detail thoroughly before putting it into practice.


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