How to Move Quicken from One Computer to Another

How to Move Quicken from One Computer to Another?

October 9, 2021

If you are a Quicken user & moving quicken to a new computer then sometimes you may also have a question How to move Quicken from one computer to another?, If you also have that question, then this post is only for you here we discussed the best way to move quicken from one computer to another, but due to any reason if you don’t have time to move quicken from one computer to another by self, then call on +1-844-405-0904 and get help from an expert.

A quicken is accounting software that helps users in managing income, cash flow and expenses in your company. Nowadays so many companies are using this software to track everything. While using Quicken software on a daily routine. If You want to install software on another system for that you don’t need to buy new software. You can move quicken software from one computer to another computer.

Thing to remember before  moving quicken from one to another:

  1. No need to buy a new copy of Quicken software for moving data files.
  2. There must be the same version of quicken software installed on the computer for moving data files.
  3. Subscription Release users can access quicken on the web open Quicken from any browser and on any system.
  4. You can take a backup of the file
  5. Don’t convert the file 

Step1: Installation of quicken software

  • Firstly You have to download quicken software from the official site.
  • You have to keep in mind while downloading. You have to download the latest version of quicken software and you have to update the software regularly.
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Step 2: Take a backup of quicken

  • Firstly open quicken software on your older computer
  • Then select a file from the file menu and then click on the backup and restore option and then take the backup of quicken
  • After clicking on the backup option you will see two option are there in first you want to take backup on your computer and second, you want to take backup on an external disk
  • Once your backup process is complete then set the location by click backup now and the process will begin.

Step 3: Restore quicken files

  • Attach your drive to your computer where your backup is stored
  • Now open the drive and locate it.
  • Open the drive and choose file explorer
  • Now copy your quicken backup on your computer through the drive
  • Now open the quicken software and then go to file and then choose the restore backup files option.
  • Then go to the desktop and select the quicken backup option to restore the files.
  • After choosing the file then click on the ok button to start the process.

How to Move Quicken from One Computer to Another?

After reading all the above discussed points if you want to know how to move Quicken from one computer to another, then for you bellow we discussed step by step procedure to move Quicken from one computer to another, to move you just need to follow step by step procedure.

Steps to move manually quicken from one computer to another:

  1. Firstly open the quicken
  2. Then goto the file menu.
  3. After that choose the backup or restore option and just after that click on “backup Quicken file”
  4. Select the backup and restore option, and then click on the backup quicken files.
  5. Take the backup is the local drive or folder. It is up to you.
  6. Attach any removable disk and transfer the files to and eject it.
  7. Now put that disk into the system where quicken is installed.
  8. After that copy your file to a local folder
  9. Again open quicken software and goto the files menu.
  10. Then again select backup and restore and then choose to restore from the backup files.
  11. At last goto the folder where backup of file are stored and then click on restore button.
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Steps to transfer quicken for mac users from one computer to another  

  • Firstly you have to install the latest version quicken into your system.
  • Now move a copy of quicken files and move those files into external disk
    1. Open the quicken on your older computer and select the backup
    2. Now take the backup in disk or in USB 
  • Now you need to restore the quicken files into a new computer. Now follow these steps to move forward
    1. Firstly connect the disk or USB where backup is stored with your new computer.
    2. Now open quicken
    3. Then select the file menu and then go to restore from the backup option.
    4. You will find your external disk under the devices in the left side of the window.
    5. Now choose your device and find your backup files
    6. At last click on the restore this file option and save it to the local disk.
    7. click on the restore button.

After completely reading this post you will understand How to Move Quicken from One Computer to Another and what is the best way to move Quicken from one computer to another.

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