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Any big company or small company will be able to analyze their profits, expenditures at the end of the financial year. To record the accounts,Owner makes a profit and loss account, income statement so that they can prepare the balance sheet at the end of the year. And then the businessman takes out the amount of the retained earnings and enters it on the side of the equity shareholders in the balance sheet. Retained earnings have a big role in business.

Retained earnings(RE) is the amount of profit which we get in the whole year income by paying all the dividends and giving shares to all the shareholders.In simple words,the amount that comes from less all the expense is retained earnings.If we make a retained earnings accounts by own so it takes time.

How retained earnings work in Quickbooks?

If we create a retained earnings account with the help of some software such as Quickbooks. Quickbooks is amazing accounting software that allows us to create retained earnings accounts without any major and silly mistakes. It makes accurate accounts and describes our business positions. If we are a user of Quickbooks so we don’t need to set up a retained earning account because Quickbooks automatically create retained earnings accounts. At the end of the year after paying all the bills, send invoices, shares to the owners and shareholders then we get the positive and negative results and transfer into a new account is retained earnings. Quickbooks automatically transfer the balance from business accounts to retained earnings. The retained earnings track how much capital is being spent on expenses.

How to find retained earnings accounts in Quickbooks?

Retained earnings always shows company’s income and expenses of the total year and get out the net income and transfer in the balance sheet as a retained earnings.

  • Go to the reports.
  • Open the balance sheet.
  • Go to the retained earnings items to view your company’s net income under the reports.

After reaching the retained earnings accounts,distribute all the previous years income in the retained earnings accounts and make sure that the debit side should be equal to the credit side.

If you create our company in Quickbooks.So Quickbooks automatically create retained earnings accounts and Quickbooks automatically transfers all the profits into the retained earnings accounts at the end of the financial year to make new accounts.You can follow the above steps in Quickbooks if you can’t find your retained earnings account in Quickbooks.

How to find details of Retained earnings account in Quickbooks?

If you want to see your retained earnings details from the balance sheet and you can’t find out the details of the retained earnings account then Quickbooks also has a solution to this problem.Quickbooks online uses an “electronic swap” which is used to transfer money into the retained earnings. It does not show any reports and automatically swap funds but not record any reports related to the funds.From this , you can easily see what changes in your retained earnings.

If you want to see all the details then you have to run all previous years profit and loss accounts.You can see P&L report and P&L report by year

  • Locate the “Reports”.
  • Choose the P & L report under the report.
  • Select all the dates under the report.
  • Choose a run report.
  • To view all the details of “P&L” reports for all dates,choose “Net income”.

After following these steps you can find all the details from P&L report that quickbooks online transfer to the retained earnings.

For a P & L report by year, By following the below steps you can easily view all the details year by year.

  • Locate “Reports”
  • Go to the P&L report.
  • Choose “customize” under the P&L report
  • Choose the “Rows” or “column” items under the customise.
  • Choose all the years under the column.
Quick report of retained earnings

In case you find that the P&L report and retained earnings doesn’t match ,only transactions may affect the balance sheet that has been entered against this account.You can see the Quick report by following these steps:

  • Choose a “chart of accounts” under the settings.
  • Go to the “retained earnings” account.
  • Select “run report” from the action column.
  • Choose all the “dates” under the report period.
  • Choose “run report” to see all the user-created transactions.

After reading this I hope you understand all about QuickBooks retained earnings. If you want to know more about QuickBooks retained earnings and need any type of help or advice then contact Quickbooks ProAdvisor and you can also leave a comment for any advice or sugestions.

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