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QuickBooks POS that means the point of sale, is a powerful platform that enables users to rapidly and fastly follow sales, customers, and inventory. QuickBooks Point Of Sale Available in two versions, Basic and Pro, QuickBooks Point of Sale, designed to meet the needs of businesses and meet their needs. Get free QuickBooks POS Support within just seconds. Our QuickBooks Support team handles all the issues and errors very functionally and quickly. It follows the customer’s information and gives a variety of facilities to improve customer loyalty and retention and to encourage repeat sales. These features include tracking their past purchases so you know which brands and products they want to buy.

It can track the inventory and Customer’s information and carries various types to keep them. As well as with this software, you can also know customer’s needs for a particular product. No one looks forward or backward when you are paying taxes, but with Desktop Point of Sale, it’ll get a lot easier. Your POS system will help you keep your books updated long so when tax time comes, you’ll be ready.

Best Point of Sale solution from the company that believes in your business

Accept credit card payments

Customers can pay with a credit card, debit card, cash and more. If you want to increase your business, then credit card payments, debit card payments, and payment processing are practically essential.

QuickBooks makes it easy with desktop payment of cell payments. We have got an all-in-one system, which is easy to set up and run with the highest level of high pricing and credit processing protection.

  • No contract, no commitment, and no teaser rates.
  • Payments with a debit or credit card are secure.
  • QuickBooks syncs easily with desktop financial software.

Ring sale

Optional barcode scanner, ring sales with Microsoft Surface Pro 4, or manually enter the name or number of items. Use an alternate barcode scanner, or manually enter item names or numbers using Microsoft Surface Pro 4.1. You can start a CRM process at the point of sale, provide discounts and add customer information so you can better understand your customers.

Easily Track Inventory

Every Inventory is updated quickly with sale, order, and return. Do not see what the sale is selling and what is selling with the detailed sales and inventory reports. The desktop point of sale has a flexible, easy-to-understand report in which you can filter more than a dozen filters.

In seconds, you can learn the key things that will help you manage your business for more profitability. You will learn the same as you are selling. You will know what your biggest seller is and when you need to rest, learn. And when you give a discount to merchants, you will know whether you are actually selling or giving only a markdown. Not sure how to keep an item in the price? Desktop Point of Sale can help you, that too.

Track and Reward Customers

View outstanding offers, such as customer history, with outstanding transactions available credits and every transaction. Reward your best customers with a loyalty program tracked in your POS system.

Point of Sale helps your customers know better by putting relevant information at your fingertips. You will see that if a customer has an outstanding amount, available credit if you can provide them a special deal and other relevant information, as you can see. The best way to be with your customers is that always reward your best customers. Keep customers back with loyalty programs and reward your best customers on the spot. This is the correct CRM at the point of sale.

Synchronization with QuickBooks

Recover the sale, payment, sales and cost of goods with one click. Save your time and reduce errors by eliminating double data entry. Your data is easily transferred to QuickBooks.

Other sales solutions claiming to be easy to integrate with QuickBooks should not be stupid. The last thing you want to know at the end of a difficult day is that your data is not transferred in the transaction of your books by the transaction. We’ve created the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale to work with QuickBooks so that there is no hassle, no big learning curve, no joke.

Modernize with Microsoft Surface Pro 4

With the new Microsoft Surface Pro compatibility, you can save counter space by checking sales or inventory from anywhere in your store.

  • Speed ​​up the office work with a mobile tablet
  • Check inventory from anywhere in your store.
  • Create a sales order anywhere in the store.

Benefits Of QuickBooks POS hosting on cloud

  • Enhanced security- QuickBooks Point of Sale provides you the best security feature with the best one amongst the POS software. It makes very difficult to manage account online because of increasing online transactions and cyber laws. Cloud hosting providers provide the highest security standards such as 256-bit encryption, constant network monitoring and fully assembled multi-level architecture to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Automatic backup- your data is safe in case of your system’s hard disk failure, server crash or file deletion that all things are handled by Cloud service providers. And a good thing is that there is an automatic feature of backing up your data on a regular basis.
  • Easy Access- With hosted QuickBooks POS software, business operators can accept card transactions through smartphones or tablets, which allow retailers or shopkeepers to do transactions anywhere – whether they are at work or in the middle In the eateries through. This allows retailers or shopkeepers to become productive even when they are away. They just need an internet connection and a compatible device. Cloud hosting provides solutions for mobile workers or employees in remote locations and allows work from outside companies or homes.
  • 24*7 Customer Support- All hosting providers offer QuickBooks POS support round the clock to help keep their QuickBooks Point-of-Sale running. And it comes without any extra cost. The quality of support and how quickly you get answers from your POS hosting provider helps in increasing your business success.
  • Improve Collaboration with Outside Parties- QuickBooks offers better support with point-of-sale hosting outsourced employees, bookkeepers or accountants. So, you can sync and work on QuickBooks POS data together, which means that faster and more efficient collaboration that is always the result of making better and quick decisions for your business.

Features of QuickBooks Point Of sale

There are a number of features includes in QuickBooks POS. Those features are very responsive and integrated. We have summarized the payroll feature of QuickBooks POS, but the software brings more benefits to those managers or owners who are double as front-to-house affiliates. QuickBooks POS includes more than fifty automatic report functions, and making a basic report is quick and easy. The managers can prepare reports during downtime, and the owner can plan the next month’s goals based on the current performance numbers.

Features That can help to grow your Business
  • Bar code scanning- Whenever you use the bar code scanning in QuickBooks. you have to firstly Setup the Barcode scanner with the attachment of your Quickbooks account. barcode scanning feature is to manage your inventory in a daily bases.
  • Credit card processing- Key in your customer credit or debit card numbers to take payments from anywhere. if you want to use the credit or debit card with your QuickBooks account then you have to firstly sign in with the merchant service center then be authorized of the credit card.
  • Customer history- Customer history that features is most of the one because of QuickBooks POS stored all the records of Inventory, purchasing and credit debit amount.
  • Concession- Concession, To be marked as “dynamic”, more likely than not to be used in your business is that a substantial portion of its own time at any rate. You are required to “claim retirement” for this benefit, yet the ATO still enables you to do some continuous work with consulting.
  • ExchangesPrice search- Wheather you have a lot of goods and you want to exchange their prices then you can easily search for the item and then exchange their price.
  • Receipt note- QuickBooks PoS having a feature that can create an invoice note for the customers.
  • Refund / Return- When a customer returns the product to the purchased merchandise, and the vendor giving back refund the original payment to the customer, that feature is also including this Quickbooks Product.
  • Customer orders- with the use of this feature vendors can easily track the order whenever they want.
  • Inventory classification- QuickBooks PoS functionalities include inventory management or customer management. This platform automatically updates your inventory without you putting information manually.
  • Inventory forecast- QuickBooks PoS Forecasting feature helps you to plan production, purchasing and handle all the inventory levels.
  • Inventory matrix- Inventory Matrix where your basic inventory items that come in a variety of sizes, model, color, style, etc. You can easily divide it into a matrix form. that help you to manage your data easily.
  • Inventory Recorder Alert- This software is actually working to record all inventory and gives notification in every change.
  • Inventory transfer- As simple as restored the inventory, you can easily transfer your inventory details.
  • Multiple Store / Inventory- QuickBooks Point of Sale multiple stores include all the features of PoS plus, It has the ability to manage up to 20 to 25 stores data. and easily transfer between stores.
  • Price tag optimization- Price optimization is not an out-of-the-box solution, there are a lot of elements that influence your price decisions and its special impact on the customer.
  • Customer information database- The customer can rewind their bills and invoices to get the information. vendors can check the product ability, price and quantity also from the database.
  • Purchase history- Customers and vendors both can check the purchase history from this QuickBooks product.
  • Standard discount- Whenever the vendor offers several discounts to qualifying the customers. If the vendors use the QuickBooks Software then they automatically can change into the discounts offers and other offers.

Some Technical issues that can be Arise in QuickBooks POS

  • QuickBooks POS Stop problem arises after login.
  • Failure to find or associate PC with POS organization information or data.
  • Non-functional system association or design configuration.
  • Use to set up a selected receipt or invoice.
  • Could not scan applications for organization information.
  • Information Issues and Transfer
  • Email receipt problem.
  • The disappointment of the configuration system to start.
  • At the point when the entered client ID is used by another client.
  • Installation takes the required time to refresh.
  • Installation frustration when connected to the R9 patch is applied to point of sale.
  • When your Sales history doesn’t show a credit card.
  • Connectivity issue with the client and the server system.
  • When you lost the connectivity with the database.
  • Connectivity Issue with SSL.

How you can easily Communicate with Our QuickBooks PoS Support team

When you want to communicate with our QuickBooks point of sale support experts. you can simply contact our QuickBooks PoS support. Get the high quality and all of the technical help from our QuickBooks experts team. They will guide you properly that how you can use the software and when It is helpful for all the businesses. Actually we trust on our Quickbooks Customer support team that has all solution about your any kind of issue related to QuickBooks.

Why Choose us-

  • Check and get help from the best legal QuickBooks POS experts.
  • The most ideal goal to separate cash and time.
  • Deep and simple special help from experts.
  • All worth out of time and cash.
  • 100% Ensured Consumer Loyalty.
  • Result system.
  • Reliable special support.
  • Each call was answered by the best-skilled customer service group.
  • One of the biggest and best QB POS specializes with a large number of customers.
  • We have over a thousand experienced, well prepared and deeply guaranteed professionals.
  • We have an incredible customer relationship record.
  • Get help from the best legal QuickBooks POS experts.
  • The ideal goal of separating cash and time
  • 100% Ensured Consumer Loyalty.
  • Reliable special support.
  • Each call was answered by the best-skilled customer service group.
  • One of the biggest and best QB POS, an expert with a large number of customers.
  • We have over a thousand experienced, well prepared and deeply guaranteed professionals.
  • We have an incredible customer relationship record.

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QuickBooks POS Support team maintains and manages your business account carefully and resourcefully. It provides the best accounting software and technical solutions. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor team provide the best ideas to make your business perfect. You will experience the best procedures in resolving technical issues and errors from our QuickBooks pos Support team. They will always ready to help you.

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