QuickBooks Desktop 2020 : New upgrade Features & Improvements

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The new release QuickBooks version 2020 by Intuit what’s new features and functional improvement can be adding by official websites, even though they ultimately want to shift to the cloud. Intuit continuously to invest in QuickBooks desktop and Its products, our Intuit predicted a 10 years journey for the QuickBooks online version similar to the QB Desktop version. Both products continuously growing up. Our customer chooses the better version for growing your business and suitable for Devices, How to serves them for business.

In this article, we explain that What is the upcoming feature in QuickBooks desktop 2020 version, functionality improvements and get users satisfied with this version read all-new features below in articles:

Improvements in getting Paid Faster in QuickBooks Desktop

Improvements in the new version 2020, adding the tools and features to manage the QuickBooks desktop process.

Feature 1: Scheduled the Payment Reminders

If you pay Invoices to them, customers create the email to remind and also you can create the different types of a mailing list of Clients and also create the own message which can be changed based of how many days late your Invoices, when you log into QuickBooks files so you will have complete control to review on Invoices before the sending email. In the menu section find these new features under the customer’s option then send the payment reminders.

Feature 2: Add the Customer Purchase Order Number to Email subject line

There are new features you can add the customer purchase order number on email subject line you have easily send to the customers attached with their Invoices. This allows your customer’s ability to search the email by purchase order number and also not have to open each attachment.

Features 3: Combining the Multiple Emails

This feature is provided only for the non-payment customer using these new features you can easily grow your business,it combines all forms into the one single form when you click to the combined form and your email subject says that transaction from(your company name) only available in (U.S, U.K, and CANADA).

Improvement to helps you in your work faster

To get QuickBooks software run faster you can use that new QuickBooks 2020 desktop version, using new tools you can get work properly and fastly the new features added following as:

For both Classes and Jobs Merge Columns in Reports

There are two types of buttons in reports first one is the Collapse column and Collapse Row that replace the one button to expand, this feature allows to collapse of the jobs or class as needed by clicking the plus and minus available only in the U.S.

Smart help

In the QuickBooks, you can access the support with the using of smart help following their features are:

  • From the menu bar go to QuickBooks Desktop help option, this will bring a smart window.
  • If you are in an area of the program like Invoices so, it will be given a screen says that frequently asked questions only in the U.S.
  • If the database is not able to give answer your question then we give you three options:
    • Ask the Community
    • Get a Callback
    • Chat with QuickBooks supportive Team

Easily Upgrade your Software

Now you can easily update your QuickBooks desktop software without face any problem and also easily purchased the new version and gave better pricing to purchase with your local QuickBooks product experts and you choose the better version for your desktop suitable in better pricing, you saved your money, not only for the software but for the merchant service  and payroll also.

After an Upgrade, Software Finding your Company Files

If you upgrade your QuickBooks desktop version software, you can easily search your company files the new tools and features can be added. It is a much more organized method of saving your tons of time.

Payroll status for Direct Deposit Enabled for Customers

  • Now you can check the direct deposit status in the QuickBooks
  • In the menu bar go to the Employees and then go to the view payroll run status
  • Using these you can easily check your payroll status.

Employees get your Self Set Up

This feature is provided to the employee you can easily update your personal bank and tax details through a secure link. After adding an Employee a mail will be sent to invite them to complete your payroll details, then the employee can fill all the information through an email. (only for the U.S).

Exclusive QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Features

Feature 1: The Cost is Landed

The new feature added in QuickBooks desktop version 2020 calculated the landed cost. The actual code of Inventory items sold often includes shipping, freight, and another thing will be associated with the Inventory sold items. Additional cost components are added to the cost of Inventory so that it is sold and your margin reporting is accurate.

SetUp: if you set up the QuickBooks 2020 desktop version following these steps:

Open the Edit and then click the preference and click to an advanced inventory set up now select the inventory cost account. We recommended using these setting for instead the merging Existing data and Setup. This setting allowed to create the item codes to be used to shipping and handle the new landed cost account and all these landed cost will move to a new version of Inventory items

Calculate Landed Cost: Go to the actual bills and click to calculate the landed cost and now the better bills from your shipping vendors will pop up on the screen then select to post the bill when all the handling fees applied on Inventory, the landed cost account will be zeroed out.

Feature 2: Alternative Vendors

QuickBooks desktop enterprise the benefits of Centralized containing information hub that containing vendors contact information and import the pricing data, this allows you to add alternative vendors for an items codes this feature comes only for QuickBooks Enterprise Edition used the only U.S and Canada only. under the vendors, this new tab called items, this allows you to assign items to particular vendors.

When you are inside the purchase orders a button organized to compare the vendors this also allows to choose the better option for purchasing by the view item price or vendor price.

Feature 3: Express the Pick Pack

  • This feature allows both pick and packing functions to the same person to well organized the process.
  • Go to the Customers option and then click to the sales order fulfillment worksheet. Now here we provide the four tabs depending on how you send the sales order.it will attempt in the correct section for ready to assign.

In above we discussed all the new features of QuickBooks 2020 Desktop version can be explained into the brief points.

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