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How to QuickBooks 2017 Makes it Easier To Run Our Business

December 21, 2020

QuickBooks’ latest update brings with it several new and exciting options that can transform how your organization handles accounting. The 2017 release will save you valuable time doing the things you do most often. With QuickBooks Payroll Full Service. many improvements have been made to existing functionalities.

In QuickBooks 2016 release, Intuit introduced only some small but key functionalities like batch action, bill tracking, etc. In QuickBooks 2017 release their focus to introduce some important tools. These tools are very important for all organization that depends on a large amount of accounting data.

Latest new/updated features in QuickBooks 2017

The new QuickBooks 2017 release includes some great latest new/updated features:

  • Set up and schedule custom reports
  • Collaborate with multiple employees.
  • Find the information you need more quickly with smart search capabilities
  • Improved reporting
  • It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses though it has some features which unnecessary for small businesses.
  • Send automated tax & sales reports and e-mail invoices.
  • you can view and print details about what filters have been included in the report, as well as make many records filter selection more smoothly.
  • It has changed what segments are used by the program to increase security and safety, as well as some other security-related issues.
  • There are no. different changes limited to QB Enterprise.
Communication Tool

In QuickBook’s new update, the communication tool has been transformed into a complete real-time chat application inside QuickBooks. Now users can send and receive messages in real-time. With the help of this tool, users can simply work from home and manage entire teams. If you want to make a few entries for your clients you do not need to travel long distances.

View Filters applied on Reports

It is a very exciting update for QB users. Now, users can easily view all the filters applied to a particular report. With the help of this tool now they can recreate reports or modify them easily according to their requirements. You can also modify or recreate industry-specific reports downloaded in QuickBooks.

Predictive Search

Like other search engines, QB will currently predict your search queries whereas you’re filling the input field. QB analyzes the search pattern of users and uses the previously entered information to predict these results. All form tags, receipts, and reports are indexed also.

Specific System Requirements for QuickBooks 2017

Operating System Required:

  • Windows 10, all editions including 64-bit, is installed on a particular system or environment that it was designed for.
  • Windows 8.1(Update 1) all editions including 64-bit,  is installed on a particular system or environment that it was designed for.
  • Windows 7 SP1, all editions including 64 bit, is installed on a particular system or environment that it was designed for.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2

Benefits of QuickBooks 2017

  • You have to see If a credit card charge and or refund cleared quickly and easily.
    • Track your transactions and expenses by deleted users with better accuracy.
    •  It is finding information much easier from QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Report Filter is easily and quickly reproduce the memorized reports.

Hardware and Software System Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

  • The processor should be 2.4 GHz minimum.
  • The RAM should be for the storage of data files 4GB  is minimum and 8GB is recommended.
    • Server RAM requirements:
      • 0-5 Users:   8GB RAM
      • 10+ Users:  12 GB RAM
      • 15+ Users:  16GB RAM
      • 20+ Users:   20+GB RAM
  • 4x DVD-ROM drive required for CD installations.
  • Display optimized for 1280×1024 screen resolution or higher with up to 2 extended monitors.
  • Good Optimized for Default DPI setting for a given system.
  • Internet access is required.
    • Disk space requirements:
      • The disk space should be 2.5 GB
      • Additional Software: 60 MB for Microsoft.NET 4.6 Runtime, provided on the QuickBooks CD.
      • Additional requirements for Currace Data Protect in QuickBooks Connected service offering:
        • 4.0 GB RAM required
        • Twice the size of a large File to set Back up + 100 MB or twice the size to restore.

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft Office:
    • Office 2016 (including Outlook 2016) both on 32 bit and 64 bit.
    • Office 2010 and 2013/365 (including Outlook 2010 and 2013) both on 32 and 64 bit.
    • Preparing the letters that require Microsoft Word 2016,2013,2010 or Office 365.
    • Exporting the reports that require Microsoft Excel 2016,2013,2010 or Office 365.
    • Contact Sync with Microsoft Outlook requires Outlook 2010 (32 bit)
    • Require Internet Explorer 11
    • Gmail, Yahoo Email
    • QuickBooks Point-of-Sale 2015 V12.0,V11.0,V10.0
    • Require Turbo Tax 2015 and 2014
    • Lacerte 2015 and 2014 required
    • QuickBooks for Mac 2016 recommended
    • It requires Mozilla Thunderbird Email client

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