What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop(QBDT) 2021?

What’s New in quickbooks Desktop(QBDT) 2021?

June 29, 2021

As you know that the 2020 year, not a good year for some peoples and for some businesses. It’s a pandemic year we can say. Everyone is looking forward to this new year or we can say it’s a fresh year. This year must be full of new beginnings and new releases and much more. So intuit is also releasing a new version of quickbooks desktop(QBDT). Before installing or upgrading the quickbooks software version, let’s understand what’s new in quickbooks Desktop 2021

quickbooks Desktop 2021 is having some sprinkling new attributes for small and medium-sized businesses. These new features and attributes help in maintaining and managing their books and tracking their financial flow. 

The new version is fully automatic and it saves our time and effort. Also, it increases our profitability. Its new attributes or features include improvement in bank feed, helps in creating categorized receipts entries, customized receipts, and also helps in sending auto-generated statements.  

Features of quickbooks Desktop(QBDT) 2021

These features are included in the quickbooks Desktop 2021 :

1. Automated Statements

With this feature, you can remind your customer of their overdue payments. You can send a statement or reminders via emails and according to customers’ needs. You can send statements with payment options so that it helps the customers to quickly settle their balance.

This feature helps in saving time by generating automatic statements to different customers. Helps in quickly getting payments.

2. Improvement in Bank Feed

If you are in the habit of entering a manual bank transaction, then this new feature definitely helps you a lot and save you a lot of time. In this feature, you will now automatically categorize your bank transactions. In a faster way, you can edit and modify your bank transactions by payees, accounts. The correctness of data is more. More quickly you are able to resolve your transaction mismatch issue.

3. Receipt Management Tool

Manual entering receipt data into QB is very difficult and error-prone. With this feature, you can enter the receipts with the help of quickbooks Desktop Mobile apps and quickbooks will efficiently and faster import all the entered receipts and it will categorize the data also.

 You also can just take a photo and import the data and review it when required. This feature of photo, import, and review is available for quickbooks desktop plus subscribers. 

This feature is not limited to app users only. Desktop users also scan and upload their electronic and physical receipts also and categorized them also. There are fewer chances of receipt loss. quickbooks quickly store the receipts. You can accurately categorize the receipts and you can record multiple receipts transactions at one time. With this feature, you can peacefully manage your receipts

4. Customers Group

You can create customer groups based on some policy that suits the criteria like customer type, status, location, and balances. These can be easily managed and use by the group when required. You can also create automated statements, send payment reminders or you can mail them for some specific reason for a specific purpose and to some particular group of customers. You can automatically add/remove a customer from the group according to their criteria. 

5. Customized Receipts

With the help of this feature, you are able to create custom templates like invoices, receipts, estimated statements, or purchase orders. You can create and edit the look of these templates according to you and what information you want to see.

Why should you upgrade to quickbooks Desktop 2021?

Upgrading quickbooks Desktop 2021 depends on many factors:

  • If you use the older version of quickbooks then it will sooner expire. Then might be you will not get the technical support. There must be a problem with security updates and accessing the quickbooks Payroll.
  • It’s a very good option to upgrade your software with the latest release. It will help you in smooth working.

If you are using a new version of quickbooks then updating the software is not required. The new version of the software is having full of new features. If you are an annual subscriber then your software is automatically updated with the latest version and all new features will automatically be included and shown to you. If you have done a one-time purchase then it’s good to upgrade with a new release and these new releases will beneficial for you and for your business.

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